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The amount of delay is much smaller for a range finder than for an SLR. It takes time for the mirror to move out of the light path.

Time parallax is important for certain types of subjects, racing photos for instance. A photo of a horse or car just crossing the finish line is worth more than one which misses the moment. The examples are many; a motorcross rider in mid-jump, the football player catching the winning touchdown, etc. Of course not so important when dealing with sloths.
I do not agree that it is "much smaller", unless you can find me actual time measurements. I have a hard time believing it is significant relative to the reaction time of your finger. Racing finish lines? Really? You won't be able to do that handheld with any camera (or if your sense of timing is that good, you can do it with any camera!). Nobody ever successfully photographed those other things with SLRs? And how often do you do that anyway?

I still say "time parallax" is mostly bs.