In my original question I asked "so what's the consensus opinion"? and so far we are all over the map on presoaking and except for photoflo in Dektol no real known problems there.

This is just about what I have found in reading old threads. It doesn't seem as if any real testing has been done or else there are so many differences in everyone's proceedures that it is hard to pin down. It would seem that you would have to be mixing your wetting agent pretty rich to have significant carry over on unrinsed reels.

The Ilford recommendations are intriguing though as there is so much evidence that presoaking is helpful or at the least harmless.

Les - Can you remember more about that photographer that had streaking problems caused by presoaking.

Just for the record I presoak with plain water just because I often use large tanks (1000ml stainless) and am concerned about the 30+ seconds for the chemical pour. I just do it habitually to be consistent even with small tanks. I really should do some testing.