Uh Oh!

I am finding out that the Polaroid 405 holder does NOT fit all 4x5 cameras.

After extensive search on the web the Graflex and Graphic cameras seem to have a 50/50 chance of the 405 film holder fitting and working.

Sometimes the 405 can work if the plastic lip where the film comes out is filed down.

Sometimes the spring back can be fitted with spacers to accomodate the thickness of the 405.

Polaroid 405 holders have increased in popularity in recent times, it would be good to know which cameras it works on and which cameras it does not.

I think this will be a very useful thread, here we could compile a list of 4x5 camera models that the 405 works well on and the camera models where the 405 does not fit.

Also we could list the 4x5 cameras that are easily modified or where filing down the lip a bit on the 405 will make it work.

Another interesting aspect is whether or not you can insert and withdraw the darkslide once the 405 holder is in place on the camera as this can greatly influence this holder's convenience and usefullness to some photographers.

Anyway, Hopefully we can come up with a great list of "Fit" and "MissFit" for the 405 holder along with practical easy Modifications.

There are a lot of really sharp people here on APUG and I think this will be a great useful thread that will be referred to and contributed to a lot.