08 Sept 2013

Continuing from last post ...

The photos from bluejeh and bluejeh2 very different from each other - thank goodness all of us do not see the in the same way. Both of these prints use contrast very effectively. Both also have stories to tell. Nicely photographed and printed.
Nice night photo of a dragon head by Maximusklaudius. The photo is sharp despite having to pan while photographing. Nicely done.
Old buildings - another favorite subject for me. Steelbar's photo of a door also prompts questions about the history of this place. I really like the detail you successfully captured.
The photo from Trond invites me to "step into the water". I like how you used the elevated horizon line to incorporate the foreground. I received two cards.
Ed Bray's photo of an "Auto Coach" illustrates a "slice of history" that as been forgotten by many. Must be nice to see these trains run again.
A photo of a very interesting building from akitakita. It looks like there are a lot of photographic opportunities around this building. Nice night photo. I also received two of these.
I really like the print from piu58. The old paper, yellowed emulsion really accent the image you used. Thank you for a great image.
A intriguing beach scene from mesantacruz. I ask what going on in the shadows?
The photo from Peter Schrager illustrates that images cam be found anywhere. Wonder if this chair is beginning or ending its life?
Another example of "found art", MattKing's photo of some graffiti in an abandoned pump house.
I like the narrow dept of focus used by redrockcoulee to make the pillars "pop off the page".
The humor of the photo by Stephen Frizza is great. It brings new meaning to the term "monkeying around". I also received two of these. I like the inked fingerprint "seal" on the back of the envelope. This is one of my favorite images from this round.
I received a print from pilanni of a collodion self-portrait. I do not have their address in order to return the favor of receiving a nice print.
"Morning Ride ..." from, I believe, megzdad81 is an image that invites me to walk down this tunnel of trees.

I look froward to Round 30.