Leitz Nooky Close-up Attachment for the Leica Elmar on Leica II and III series rangefinders. Boxed and in good used condition. Price: $65 plus shipping

Leitz metal vented clip-on hood for their 50/3.5, 50/2.8, 50/2, 35/3.5, 35/2.8, and 35/2 lenses. Leitz part number #12585H. Very good condition. Price: $60 plus shipping

New generic M39->M mount adapter. Sold with original box and removal wrench. Brings up 28-90mm frame lines on Leica M bodies. Price: $14 plus shipping

Leica ABLON film trimming guide copy by Prinz. New. Makes trimming the correct leader on bottom loading rangefinders a breeze! Hard to find these days. Price: $30 plus shipping