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Actually, yes. And it delivers the news faster, and easier, and cheaper, and allows me to respond, and allows me to share it with others instantly almost regardless of where they are in the world.
Like I said, most of my fun while reading the news is not about the (lousy, brainwashing) news but the experience of holding the newspaper with a fine Cappuccino. If you're about "fast news delivery and sharing no matter where you are in the world", then you and your iphone are in heaven. I'm not into that. Life, to me, is about something else. More about fine Cappuccinos then about news and fast delivery of dirty propaganda of all sorts.

The iPhone, iPad (and all their cousins) along with the Internet have and continue to fundamentally change the way "the world" works; including how news, banking services, mail, & happy snaps are going to be delivered, forever. Like steam and electricity also did.
I thoroughly do not enjoy that. The modern living has made our lives more difficult then what it used to be, despite the promise of a brave new world. You can buy Bananas in Canada while you couldn't 15 years ago? So what. That's not my definition of life improvement. You share photos faster? I'm glad for you. As far as I'm concerned, I thoroughly don't enjoy that. Sharing my pics on a social network is the best way to kill my work. So many hours spent shooting, developing, printing, toning, washing. All that hard work to end up on flickr to try and please a bunch of newbies that have absolutely no clue? to "please" is too big a word. You please nobody on social newtorks until you lick their butt as a "follower" and then expect a "return favor" in form of them "liking" your work. LOL!

Digital stuff isn't garbage, its just different.
To me, it's mostly garbage.