The I have fallen in love with a Rollei 6008 Integral so all of my Mamiya RZ gear must go sale

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Kit (body, 110mm lens, 120 film back II, L-Grip Holder RZ [not pictured], RRS Plate) - $1299.00
Mamiya RZ67 120 Professional II Film Back - $89.00
Mamiya RZ67 220 Professional II Film Back - $35.00
Mamiya RZ67 645 Film Back (QTY 2) $75.00 ea.
Mamiya RZ67 6x6 120/220 Film Back - $289.00
Mamiya RZ67 Winder II - $75.00
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II AE Prism Finder FE 701 $225.00
Mamiya RS401 Remote Control Set - $45.00
Mamiya RZ67 Apo-Sekor 210mm f/4.5 - $675.00
Mamiya RZ67 Apo-Sekor 350mm f/5.6 - $775.00
Mamiya RZ67 180mm f/4.5 W-N - $150.00
Mamiya RZ67 140mm f/4.5 M/L-A - $379.00

Condition: everything was bought as new old stock from KEH except for the APO lenses, the 140mm lens and extension tubes. However, everything is in immaculate condition and functions flawlessly. Much of it looks new, all of it looks amazing. Glass is pristine. The L-Grip Holder RZ is not pictured, but looks like new.

Accessories: each lens comes in its original box with lens hood and caps except for the 140mm lens. The 140mm lens comes with both caps, but I cannot find the box or hood. If you buy the kit, please note the lens hood for the 110mm lens is the same as the one for the 140mm.

Most Versatile Medium Format System: this is the most versatile system for medium format you can buy. It will shoot 645, 6x6, and 6x7. It will shoot digital if you obtain the adapter and back (I do not have these, but have tried it on this body, amazing results). Also, the bellows focusing and extension tubes easily allow for 1:1 macro work. The 140mm lens has the floating element to ensure that corners are as sharp as the center on high magnification shots.

Why I Don't Keep It?: I can only use one camera at a time. I used the RZ system for a long time and really enjoyed it! Great for models, macro, and landscapes. But I am somewhat of a gear head and have developed an interest in the square format of the Rollei 6008 camera. I found one I like and have been using that camera for a couple of months. I really do not want this beautiful RZ equipment to collect dust in the boxes on a shelf, so I am selling.

Pricing: I searched the auction site for completed listings. My gear is mint so I did take from the higher range, but pricing is pretty consistent for RZ gear. I will part out everything except for the Pro IID kit for now. If purchased together, this would come to $4186.00. I will provide a 22% discount and accept $3299.00 net (buyer pays shipping and PayPal cost) for everything.