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Certainly can do. Then this begs the question do we need a separate comments and feed back thread. Everyone's thoughts?
Mine arrived today. Re the above suggestion, I think one thread for sign-up and comments would be better.
Looking through them now & I think this is one of the good exchanges, great to see some large format and some colour prints. I'm not planning to comment on everything, but here are some remarks at random as I flip through the box.
Hoffy - really well done, the colour looks accurate as well as being rich and saturated.
Spatz - both are stunning, but I prefer the icicles perhaps due to it being a bit abstract. Nice print tones for Foma III - what paper dev did you use and was there any toning?
BoxBrownie - I like this one a lot, it's a somewhat subtle street image but the tonality is rewarding. I particularly like how the reflections in the window make the interior look a bit foggy. I also think you made a good decision with the image size on the paper.
Munz6869 - stunning large format image, very well done. I'm pretty pleased at the moment because I've just taken delivery of a Chamonix 4x5 and I'm looking forward to being able to make photos like this that I can't quite get with the Crown Graphic.
Oxleyroad - nice lith. I have also lithed on this Foma 112 with similar results. I think it looks good.
Thanks to everyone for taking part & to Andrew for the organising.