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The bleach-fixer can be used twice. For additional processes the bleach-fix is changed 50% of the bath with fresh solution". So if I have a 1L kit and my tank is 500ml and holds two reels (1 roll of 120 film per reel) that's 4 reels processed then dump 250ml out put in a fresh 250ml then does that mean I can do 4 more reels? Then dumb 250ml again then add the final 250ml and get 4 more again for a total of 12 reels?
To me the instruction text sounds like a replenishment schedule:
  1. prepare as much bleach fix as you need to properly fill the tank
  2. process 2 rolls
  3. replace half the bleach fix
  4. go to step 2 until no more rolls are to be processed

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"Used and fresh solutions should not be mixed with each other in order to avoid contamination".
I would interpret this as do not replenish the other working solutions, especially the color developer. Use whatever you set up for as many rolls as it has capacity for, then discard and make a new batch. In your case this would mean split your fresh working solutions into 250ml or 500ml batches and use them one after the other.