Get LED red safelights, forget those tungsten dim lights. Osram makes the Parathom P 1W which is what I use. I have two and it's not a dark room anymore I did the fogging test and I am safe for at least 30 mins. Use only red safelights.
Get citric acid as the stop bath, do not use vinegar or acetic acid. It's odorless and cheap.
Get those odorless fixers (I use Rollei RXN, or Tetenal Odorless), that are also easier to wash away from prints
Get an electronic timer, do not buy those old second-hand analog timers as they count very unreliably.
If possible, get those inox tongs instead of the plastic ones.
Stick with one paper and one developer for a while.

As you are new to making prints: learn how to do test strips. It's the most important part of the process. Some do with f-stops increments, some do with a linear one. Whatever works for you it's OK. E.g. I do a linear strip but then work in f-stops on the print. To each their own. Start with wide strips and then learn where to put them on the print. Learn how to judge the whites and how contrast changes the blacks (and the whites). You will need to train your eyes, but it will pay off.