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Overall, the optimum hole size (for best image sharpness) is generally found by dividing the square root of the focal length by 25, all measurements in millimeters. For 14 inches, that would give SQR(356)/25 = 0.75 mm, or about .030" diameter, which in turn will give f/470, about.
Thanks, I will start there. Thats only 8 seconds, if f/22 at a 60th was called for on my meter. I'm looking forward to getting out with it.

I do have another question though. there is about 24" between the pinhole and the outside edge of the film. Using the above equation I get a f/631 at the edge of the film with a .030" hole, which is about a 1 stop difference. Do I shoot for the edge, to make sure I get detail, then dodge in the center darkroom? Or should I shoot for the center and burn in the darkroom?

The camera is built so I only get one shot at a time. Then its back to the darkroom to reload.