I REALLY want to get a Rollei SL66, so I am selling some fishing gear! $399.95 US, this is also listed on eBay.

This rod and reel combo has never been fished, I bought them new and have never fished with it. I wrapped the cork with McNett Camo Form for a better feel and grip and it works really well, at least for practice at the local park. It is not permanent and can be easily removed either for clean rewrapping or disposal, and is readily available in many patterns. Anyway, this rod and reel has a great reputation and both are like new. The rod has been stored in the sock and tube and neither the rod nor the reel have ever been abused, dropped or handled with negligence in any way. It balances really well with the Orvis BMA II as you can see in the photo. The Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor II was loaded just last year with fresh Royal Wulff TT3 Triangle Taper floating fly line, which also won a Kudo award, on both spools. One line, with a bright orange backing, has the loop removed and this is now the practice line, the other with a bright green backing is new and ready to fish. I put this together to be a well balanced and comfortable kit which also looks great. The gold BMA is similar to the gold reel seat of the CPS and it all looks and feels awesome, especially with the cork wrapped. As for shipping, I have not found one long box to hold this yet, I will keep looking and may possibly ship this in 2 boxes.