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Do you have both the top and bottom filters? If you are only using the top filters, that may be the source of the problem.
I did have both, yes; I had the red-tape and yellow-tape varieties, with yellow on the inner filters and red in the vanes, if I remember correctly. The inner filter was replaced with the problematic #19 filter and the outer vane filter was replaced with the #27 medium red. I didn't notice much of a difference in the amount of fog/burn with the vanes in any given position, which implies - to my limited understanding - that the #19 filter didn't work very well, and that the #27 filter didn't change much of what the paper saw, even though it certainly made an impact on what I could see.

I didn't have time to get the paper test done, but I did manage to get the rubylith cut and installed, and I also snapped a couple of quick cell-phone images that didn't distort the colors too much. As it turns out, the light that the rubylith allows through isn't red at all; it's really about as orange as it looks in the following photo.

Pictured: And I'm not sure what that means.

In that image, the rubylith is actually sandwiched between two sheets of glass and taped into place so that there are no light leaks; it doesn't look very sealed, but I promise you that it is. The light is surprisingly orange; I figured that it would be much redder...so either I was 100% wrong or I got some non-kosher rubylith. Regardless, it seems to be working because I also managed to catch a very non-scientific CD reflection that shows the sodium bands.

Pictured: Absence of green and/or blue.

Since I managed to catch the color bands, I'll try and replace the #19 filter and see if I can show the green band that I've been seeing...and I'll also try the paper test and see if I can make it to eight minutes this time. If not...well, it's back to Square One.