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You should be able to make prints and get experience with almost any enlarger. Just make shure that it has all the parts that you need. The lamp may be broken and hard to find, there should be a negative carrier, a lens etc. Apart from the enlarger you need some trays and some tongs. There is really no limit to what kind of gadgets you can find for your darkroom but you can stat out small. If you buy "a complete darkroom" you will probably get all that you need except paper and chemicals (even if they are included you should get fresh supplies). I think the important part is to make shure that the enlarger has all the parts since spare parts can be expensive and hard to find.
Thanks for the advice Jesper. 'In Full Working Order' is a pre-requisite of any purchase I may make and I also need negative carriers for medium format, which limits my choices as most for sale seem to be 35mm carriers only, although I may find one that I can still get MF carriers for.