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Forgive me my ignorance, but why would you want/need to do this?
(This is not criticism but me wanting to learn & understand this)

BTW: if I remember correctly, in the How To document I mentioned before (see link above) there is some text about mixing emulsions & influencing contrast and gradation, If my memory serves me well.
Thanks, i will have check this passage out from the documentation.

As an answer to your question, why men ever wanted to go to the moon or climb on top to the mountain..? :0) to get an experience and learn. The fully ( but limited) panchromatic emulsion is needed to render the visible color spectrum, in the autochromes or modern films. I like historical processes, and like to experience myself how the pioneers of color photography have made their mark in history. As a historical and scientific perspective concerning Autochromes , people can slice hair what can be done and what not, but i just donīt want to take things for granted, like iPhone on your pocket etc.

Guess the only way is to sensitize the variable contrast emulsion and see what happens, probably will not work but hey, least we tried it