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This is actually way cheaper than the other equivalent offering on the market: http://www.de-vere.com/products.htm

Very smart, and seems appropriately targeted for the right demographic.
This enlarger is very vulnerable to obsolescence. I taught at a local JC that had a SCSI Fuji Pictrograph printer. Made beautiful color prints. It was cutting edge technology 15 years ago, but probably not usable because SCSI is dead. Apple Firewire is on it's way out and now Thunderbolt is in.

I bought my Beseler 45MX and it's still relevant today. I use both analog and digital cameras. However, I build and grow on my knowledge about analog photography while my knowledge with digital technology will be obsolete very fast. I'm tech manager in a university art department and I can barely catch up on my narrow area of art and computers. One thing I know with technology. It allows us to make art faster, not necessarily better.