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Since coming here, I've looked on a map of New Zealand, the base of this site. A country no bigger than the outer banks of NC, with 2 cities probably no bigger than Charlotte NC--Christchurch and Auckland, I believe. Yet they seem to have a well-enlightened and orderly culture. I've tried to imagine what they don't have there in the way of decadence or extravagance, due to the isolation and lesser population of the US. It is probably a very good place to live in the quality-of-life category. I would think that crime and urban problems are non-existent. Probably a totally different life than the US in ways we cannot conceive. There's certainly no sleigh-bells at Christmas there, and their water goes down the drain backwards from here. But somebody there has managed to put together a pretty fair photographic learning site.
It is because of their hobbits.

Well done Sean (again).