Hi All,
I'm new to Lith printing and am stoked on the results I've seen and the results I'm starting to get. I'm using (as the title suggests) Ilford MG WT FB and have read extensively that I need to pull from the developer (in my case Easy Lith by Moersch) and put it in the fix where the blacks really accelerate.
My Concern is, do I then pull from the Fix when I have my desired blacks or do I leave the paper in the fix for the required fixing time? If that is the case does that mean I need to pull from the developer even earlier to accommodate the fix time?
And finally, if the fix has the result of accelerating the black development, does that mean the image is still fixed or will the image fade away as though it was never fixed?

(new to APUG and really excited by how much info is already on here!!!)