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That's why

Well, plenty of photographer had no choice...

And nowadays some art photographers use them (when they sell their pictures, they are professionals, aren't they?), but for a serious, commissioned work, you needed reliable tools, while Kievs, famous for 50% dead-on-arrival rate, were rather not.
Bernhard Grzimek sure did have a choice west german, fairly well off flew across Africa and Europe with his own plane (Dornier Do-27 in Zebra livery) also those Cuban photographers could afford a Hasselblad and there was no Embargo to trade with Cuba at least not from ther German and Swedish side.
Is the Pentacon on par with a Bronica, Hasselblad or Rollei no way is it a catastrophy no. But I agree with you that most Eastern photographers would have prefered better tools. Incidently Russian Movie cameras seem to have made a comeback in Hollywood ultra low budget productions and they are not bad at all.