Frankly, I haven't gone shopping OM lenses lately and my stable is the most basic lineup: 50 1.8 MiJ, 28 3.5 and 135 3.5. Very happy with all of them.
HAve taken a quick bay look and I recall them being lower.
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The use of large apertures is not limited to bokeh-fiends or subject separation. Sometimes an extra stop (or two) is needed to make a photograph handheld at shutter-speeds that would would otherwise be impossible to hand-hold. For some, therefore, the difference between f/2 and f/2.8 is simply the difference between 1/15th and 1/8th.
Agreed. I stick to the 50mm 1.8 for versatility; I'd use the 28mm more if it had those fractions of a stop extra. Very and specially useful and needed when using slow speed film... Kodachrome 64, that was a tough one at times.
Nowadays with great fast films (thinking Portra) not such a concern, but sometimes that extra stop would be very useful.

As of the OM-1 size, it's still a quite remarkable one. I got an EPL2 with kit zoom, micro 4/3 which was deemed a nice format for minaturization... But the size of both is quite equal! So much for "progress". The same can be said about many AF 35mm SLRs however.