Hello APUG forums, first poster here.

As mentioned in the title, I have a 135mm F4 S-K TeleXenar (originally for Retina cameras) that with the known focusing glass behind the lens trick shows it could cover up to a medium format area.
I know, the image is circular so I could choose 6x6, but I'd prefer to use it on a 6x4,5 camera, as I already have a Rollei.

Schneider's lovely website has all the lens specs, including coverage, with a suggested negative size of 28x28 (lens was sold for '126' Instamatic reflexes too) but it appears to be much more, and the telephoto design helps in this regard. Moreover I intend to use it for portraits, so I'm not after corner to corner sharpness.

So, now, I need to choose a suitable camera to fit it the lens, which is in DKL mount.. M42 adapters are easily found, and when you have a thread mount you're basically set I guess?

The cameras I was whinking about were:
Lomo Belair (not that cheap, but new; not high quality, no film pressure plate, need to create a own 6x4,5 mask)
Zeiss Super Ikonta 6x4,5 (Not cheap but high quality, quite old so perhaps needs servicing)
On both I still need to find out a way to focus.
Do you have any suggestions? Other cameras, perhaps slrs?
Thanks a lot