I've got a Canon Power Winder A but it's somewhat noisy. I was rather surprised how noisy. I removed the faux leather and unscrewed it but from what I could figure out it wasn't the servo itself making the noise but the 5-6 gears that were attached to it (some kind of reduction gear system).

I couldn't get them off because I didn't have a circlip remover tool at the time. I tried some 3-in-1 sewing machine oil but it didn't really help. So I got some Plio-Bond to put it all back together but I figure I'll give it another try before putting on the Plio-Bond.

So, the question is: What kind of lubricant would give the best results? I'm looking to make it quieter and last as long as possible. I also may need to clean up the 3-in-1 oil I put on from before, just to make sure.

Thanks in advance.