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So they gotta shrink the sensor to make it as small as the OM?!

About the digital SLR...what a monster!

It almost dwarfs my medium format SLR!
Definitely Mr.Maitani was a great designer! Matched an SLR to the Leica M's and with an air of elegance. Last friday I was around a video set and the director had a Minolta 7s... Which looked to me bigger than the OM, without direct comparison.
On a trip my dad was surprised when he lifted my OM kit. 28+50+135+body. "This thing weighs nothing".
Out of the forum scope, but almost no one nowadays put a 35mm sized sensor into a smallish camera! The 4/3 (and later m4/3) was marketed as an ideal size and for being smaller than the other formats. Now manufacturers seem to seek smaller size, but not on 35mm; Seems like it's quite hard to do... Perhaps it's something they will unleash some day for increasing sales.

At first I didn't see the OMs as THAT small, but having compared I see they are!