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... and - more important - you'll have more fun ;-)

But yes: shipping costs is always a bummer.
I don't know if you need any film or something as well, but for instance the Fuji slide films seems to be half of the price compared to Australia (as told in some other threads).
Like Fuji Provia 400 roll film (120) = 5 rolls for Euro 33 including 19% VAT. Fuji Provia 100 F roll film = 5 rolls for Euro 28.40 including VAT. They also have 135 film.
And I think - since you're outside the EU - you don't have to pay the 19% VAT, if you ask for it. Might even compensate your import duties a bit ...
So that might make it more interesting??
With macodirect once you create your account and specify that you are outside of EU, it will subtract VAT. Also the shipping is up to certain weight, I ordered my Rollei C41 kit from them and I packed it with lots of rolls of film. Once I saw the shipping charges go up, I subtracted a roll.

They also stock some great B&W film. Like the Rollei Retro 400s and 80s, cheap fomapan. I got a mix of B&W, C41 and E6 film from them.