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I love this stuff. Buying something that is listed for much less than other similar items. There is some risk, but that is the excitement. In this case a 6008i for hundreds less than similarly listed items. Near mint condition with some secret hidden flaw. In this case I found it right away. The film did not fully wind up after the last exposure. A quick inspection of the pressure plate revealed the sensor-wire had broken off near the solder joint. An easy fix!
Thank you for the information on the fix.

Unfortunately I have to say that gamble is so not worth it. I'm glad it worked out for you but as an owner of a Rollei 6008i I can't imagine what I would do if my camera went on the fritz. If I determined it was a fault with the body and not the magazine as was the case with you I would sell the malfunctioning body and get a working one. Seriously you only need that gamble to fail once to wipe out the profits from numerous previous purchases. A price way outside the norm is usually a big red flag. Not always but a lot.

I got my Rollei 6008i off of ebay in a killer bundle. It came with two backs and showed virtually no signs of use. It came with all kinds of accessories. I was astonished when I go the whole kit for the opening price. I probably saved a couple of hundred dollars for such a mint item. But it wasn't anything like $400 below market.

I find if an item is niche enough you just have to keep checking. Eventually an auction will pop up on a day when your competitors are on vacation. I notice on a lot of auctions the serious bidding only occurs between 2-3 bidders a lot of the time. It's not like 10 people flood in to snipe in the last 15 seconds.

As far as dealers are concerned... I don't know. Often they don't have inventory if you aren't looking for a Hasselblad. Although I picked up 4 genuine Rollie Bay VI B&W filters from a local photo store for five bucks a pop. And while I find there are risks on eprey the mark up some dealers charge is way too much. I've bought tons of camera equipment over the years and my worst experience was with a pretty big name store. Lets just say they should change the wording of their rating system. Instead of "may" they should use "will." As in the camera will have numerous scratches.