I would suggest that Portra 160 is better than Reala, even if only for the finer grain. They are both pretty neutral but they emphasise different things (Fuji has nicer green separation for example). I shoot a lot of Reala so I have nothing against it, but if accuracy of reproduction is the order of the day then get the Portra 160. But Reala would be OK if that's what you have on hand; it has no major vices except coarser grain.

Provia 100F (RDPIII) is about all you've got in chromes now that Astia is gone. Neutral but the contrast is quite high.

Beware the fluorescent bulbs unless you know their CRI is high (absolutely no less than 90, i.e. without problematic holes or spikes in the spectrum). Having the right colour temperature is not sufficient to achieve good rendering, you also need high CRI.