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Oh, ok, I get it... Digital is a self-cleansing garbage as it auto-destroys itself with time as opposed to film garbage that is so resilient and pollutes our houses. Therefore Digital is da best.

By the way, are we still on APUG or has this forum become a pro-digital forum and I didn't know it? I'm really sorry to hurt all the digital lovers of this forum
You seem to be confusing "pro film" with "anti digital." One can be pro film without being anti-digital.

I don't love digital. I was going to say - I plan to get a DSLR for the reasons above, but I don't particularly enjoy using digital. I enjoy film for those reasons above - I've always loved the process, which I learned when it was all there was, and I like feeling like I'm actually crafting something, and I work with computers all the time and like to get away from them. But those don't apply to everyone.