This is good info so far!

Keep the posts coming in Gentlemen!

I am going to post the clearance dimensions needed on one's camera back plate such that one can measure their camera to see if it will fit.

It will be a while though as I am currently out of 405's, as soon as my machinist makes me more of the plates I will get the details and photos posted, sorry I don't have it now for you all.

I am most enthused that the mysteries about the standard 405 will be revealed accurately and that this thread will be one's last stop for info on who fits what regarding the 405 back.

Johnielvis has brought some great info about the existance of "Variant" models of 405's along with Corran reporting the existance of off the wall 405's hence this adds to the mysteries a bit, Some of the oddball 405's will definately be of use to someone, just need to post the differences of samples found.....