I have a box full of Bogen and Manfrotto items that I no longer use enough to justify keeping. I've included a photo of everything I'm listing: Manfrotto #035 Super clamp with Manfrotto #143 camera bracket ($25 for both); Bogen #3255 all weather shoes (aka snowshoes), still in box and lightly used ($20); set of three Bogen tripod quick release plates with screw (the older kind with cork instead of whatever they use now) ($5 each or all three for $12); and finally something that I believe is a Pentax 6x7 geared focus rail (for macro/studio work)...this comes with a Bogen quick release plate and a Bogen rapid connect adapter...please see photo ($75). I really don't know how to price that last item...so if someone thinks I am way out of line in either direction, just let me know. Because of the weight of most of these items, shipping will be $16 on the larger and heavier items, $12.50 on the shoes, and $6 on the quick release plates. Please PM me with any questions.

manfrotto-1.jpg manfrotto-2.jpg snowshoes.jpg bogen.jpg pentax-1.jpg pentax-2.jpg