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Absolutely agreed and for the most part your typical analog shooter doesn't sit around and talk about how much they hate digital.

However it should be noted that the digital crowd isn't exactly kind nor respectful towards their analog "brethren". They disparage film regularly, making ever less subtle cracks about it, it's usefulness, its antiquity, etc. Everyone here knows what I'm talking about and it's a commonly disrespectful ignorant thing that plenty of them spout out at any opportunity and myself I'm sick and tired of hearing that crap from said fauxtographers.

I don't think digital is garbage but I do think there's a unmistakably more amount of garbage as a result of it.

I agree fully with this! Additionally, if the fauxtographers (what a terrific term!) had started, learned and skilled up with film over several decades, they may just have made a better name for themselves in digital. There are APUG members here who produce beautiful work in digital, not just analogue. Those that know the craft can produce a beautiful image from either method.

Like so many others, I don't ever use a digital camera to hide faults or problems in my photography. I did all that with film and that is still the very best medium to learn from irrespective of knowledge or experience.