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Hello Patrick,
Welcome to APUG. you can find a lot of info here on anything about cameras, film, processing, ....
Developing isn't that hard to do at home. You can even do it in a kitchen: you don't have to get a darkroom right away
if you're not gonna print your images yourself. (it's also fun to do, though).
You have some very nice images on your website. Are all these images digital or also some analogue?

"Have fun and catch that lightbeam"
Bert from Holland
Thanks! I actually already have most if not all of the equipment for developing black and white film at home, but I don't have the chemicals and haven't given it a try just yet. As for the photos on my site, most are digital, but some are film. Everything in the left column is shot with an old Canon PELLIX QL with a broken (stuck wide open) 50 1.4. I really like using the camera, but for whatever reason it recently jammed out of the blue while sitting on my shelf. No idea how it happened, but I have a number of other 35mm SLRs and rangefinders that I need to try out, anyway.

And thanks for the welcomes, everyone else!