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I don't have a single digital friend who disparages film. To the contrary, they all started with film, and often talk of it fondly. They have the utmost respect for the commitment film requires (having been there themselves). Perhaps the disrespect is from a younger crowd, without an analog background. For those of us of a certain age,I don't think we experience the dismissal you mention.
+1... in so may ways.

I have encountered only one person in the last decade who has disparaged film in the very least - that is, outside this particular forum, where, sadly, it seems to have become a regular occurrence.

...your typical analog shooter doesn't sit around and talk about how much they hate digital.
Except on APUG.

However it should be noted that the digital crowd isn't exactly kind nor respectful towards their analog "brethren". They disparage film regularly, making ever less subtle cracks about it, it's usefulness, its antiquity, etc. Everyone here knows what I'm talking about and it's a commonly disrespectful ignorant thing that plenty of them spout out at any opportunity and myself I'm sick and tired of hearing that crap from said fauxtographers.
In a former life, I used to teach essay writing, in which, if you are to make a blanket statement that begins "everyone knows", it had better be both accurate and provable. The above statement is neither. I do not believe I am being deliberately obtuse in saying I have had very little experience with the behaviours you mention. If you truly live among such intolerant people, you have my sympathy, but I can assure you that those attitudes are not nearly so widespread as you imagine.

I have mentored many young photographers over the years, most of whom never will spend much time with analog cameras. Nonetheless, they sought me out because I am "the film guy", not in spite of it. Most people I know are respectful of my choice of cameras and the work I do with them. I acknowledge and return their respect by refusing to pass judgement on their choice of cameras or to call them smug and demeaning names behind their backs.