The fact that we have threads here about "what kind of reactions do you get when people see you shooting film" evidences the point I was trying to make - that a reaction anywhere from disrespect to ambivalence to respect is expected from other photographers or everyday people. Personally I'd rather they not care what medium I'm using (unless they love film and want to talk shop).

Additionally, this thread is an exception to the typical threads around APUG. We don't sit here and regularly create digital diss threads - so I stand by my comment that "your typical analog shooter doesn't sit around and talk about how much they hate digital" and add an explicit "all the time" since it was implied. If one medium wasn't encroaching on another medium's materials then I think there would be a heck of a lot less tension between the two camps.

Of course I hate digital but I don't need to remind everyone here of it. I use it when it's appropriate for the particular job. When the particular job is anything artistic or serious in approach, I don't even consider it. Even if I wanted to, I don't have a digital camera other than a phone.