Got the prints a day or two ago but now I have some time to comment. These are in no particular order:

SteveB: What a wonderful print. I like the image to paper size ratio and the aesthetic that the P&S brings to the subject. I think all your creative choices work seemlessly for this image.

AndrewC: I have been fascinated with your alternative processes in the past few exchanges. The contrast and grain makes the image feel very raw. Just out of interest, is the grain due to massive enlargement, the caffenol dev or the lith dev?

BobW: A great print. It's always refreshing to see a print of a landscape from the other side of the world.

AshleyH: With this print I'm starting to consider dropping E6 for colour (which I have a soft spot for) esp. for ektar/reala. Really punchy colours and composition on a great subject! I'm wondering if a skylight filter would balance out the blue shadows which I've noticed are quite apparent with ektar? Or can it be neutralised when printing?

Marc: Incredible LF print. It's interesting how big a difference there is between TX400 and TXP320 in terms of tonality but in the case of this image it really works and the detail is stunning.

Toan: Very nice image - it was a nice surprise to read it was taken in Nagoya. I was there recently but your print shows a different side to life there. And the portra colours work really well alongside..

MichaelW: I always enjoy your images. Contact prints have a kind of intimacy that is hard to put into words - wonderful tones and great composition.

AndyK: The vertical panorama definitely shows federation square in a totally different way in what I would see it as. Your prints seem to have this fleeting nature which is quite unique. and oh an slr that does 6x12! damn...

LenM: ahh kakadu! How far inkjet printing has come along - but i especially like the ragged cliffs contrasted against the smooth boulders reflected in the water. nicely done.

WilliamBT: Both prints have a great feel to them but I'm really impressed with how you balanced all the different colour temperatures from the lights on the colour print. Is it hard to do? If not I might give it a shot since one can't print directly from slides anymore..

Thanks for the comment Michael. I just used dektol 1+2 with a slightly longer dev time than normal. No toning though I did think about some selenium but Ive never done it before so that might be something to try for the next exchange.
And thanks for the exchange everyone and especially Andrew for organizing it.