Now parting said camera out.

DE-5 finder, would be EX grade except for the bottom rubber gasket being mostly missing and some paint wear below the latches on the sides of the finder. Glass is clean, hot shoe works fine. KEH wants $149 for their BGN grade DE-5. How about $100.

MF-6B back. Nice condition, but seems to be intermittent in sending the signal to the drive. Worked fine on my F3HP, but seems to be a little rattly and not doing what it's supposed to do on the F3P. Same motor drive between the two. $20 due to the loose guts.

Top covers - some brassing, but no dents. 9012258 is serial number. $35 for both

Shutter release button parts - lock ring, retainer ring, shutter release button itself, rubber gasket... Retainer ring is a little chewed up. Dunno, maybe $25?

If someone wants the whole thing as a parts camera or something to display on their shelf, $130 + shipping takes it. Will receive the body with the DE-5 finder, MF-6B back, but no screen. Again, camera works, except for the shutter speeds above 1/60. Has new magnets for the shutter release mechanism installed.

Anything else, feel free to ask about. Will have pics of everything later today.