I bought a mint CLE with 40mm summicron a few months ago for 600 ( after shipping, ebay costs etc) as never had a rangefinder before, and wanted something descreet for street shooting without paying leica prices. In short, I love it. It is quiet, and more importantly with my daily carry and bad back, it is really light. It can sit around my neck all day with no problem. I just invested in a lovely used 28mm zeiss biogon for it, as found the 40mm a little difficult for shooting from the hip. i am processing the results in my bathroom as I write.
Downside is no AE lock, so if using on auto you have to pay attention to exposure compensation, they apparently have shutter issues, and leaving them cocked even overnight is advised against. I met Alex Majoli from Magnum who rated them highly too, but admitted twice he had to get shutters repaired- although I imagine he puts them to the test more than most.
For me, its a great buy, the bottom line being it is always with me and I am taking pictures daily, while my rolleiflex, canon, and nikon SLRs are sitting in drawers gathering dust.