Thanks PE! Your contribution to this thead really clears things out on the technical side.Rollei really should update their instructions not to suggest freezing the liquid emulsion. Well, it was already sitting on the fridge for 4 years, before I moved it into freezer. I thought that liquid emulsion is a gelatin based, re-melting and mixing would do the job ( just making sure not to re-freeze it again due fogging)

I have Methyl violet for the Red(dish) sensitization ( its not optimal I know ) and Erythrozine for the green record. In original autochromes, Jack H.Coote quoted in his book " history of colour photography" that they used Erythrozine & Tartrazine & Ethyl violet for the color sensitization.

Fixed grade emulsion already does contain sensitization for Blue, if im not completely off-course. Because i live in a county (Finland) where we use SI -metric system, i will have to calculate the value "mole of silver" in grams. I tried google but it will give me outlandish conversion figures. well time to search some more.

Like PE said, rendering this in color would give hard evidence. I must try this out.