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i am not really sure ken
i don't really have trouble buying anything i need to use
or have needed to use over the last 10 or 15 years.
film or paper or chemistry, and sadly it was long before
computerized cameras appeared on the scene that films and papers
and equipment became scarce or obsolete or whatever ...
i worked for someone who had an old 5x7 solar enlarger
it was a huge sort of beast and made beautiful enlargements.
unfortunately in around 1980 bulbs for it stopped being produced ...
they were big incandescent bulbs with a long long neck ... the lady i worked for
hoarded them by calling every shop within 100 miles ( or so she said ) and buying all their stock.
she also had tray rockers ... steel flat, with a cam and rotating rod. she bought it in the 1940s
and i have never seen anything like it since .... i've been searching for cans of GAF UNIVERSAL DEVELOPER
for nearly 20 years, they haven't been made since the 70s ...
and while people are so sad with the advent of digital "stuff" all i read about here on apug
is how they bought an enlarger for 15$ and only a few years ago cost 1000.00, or the nikon brag thread
where people can now afford to have 500 nikon cameras and accessories because they are finally affordable.
i've gotten some good deals, but they haven't been recent since some guy in nevada has spread such good press
on what used to be lenses headed for the dump. but i know i'll get a good deal when i sell my 5 or 10dollar lenses
purchased before the brass and glass rush because there are always and will always be people looking for a silver bullet ...
heck, lomo is remanufacturing a petzval lens, lens baby has made a imagon lens ... these are things that WERE obsolete
and out of production or scarce but they have come back to haunt us through cheezy misuse and bad photography in both mediums ...

Yes, Master J..the other side of the coin...or looking at a glass half full

Things were indeed disappearing well before the advent of digital photography but of course the bitching was done around a dinner table (maybe) and not paraded incessantly on internet forums. Things change, and there is no stopping that. I guess I feel lucky that there is digital so I can still make photogravures...but maybe the reason why I have to use a hybrid process is because of digital..what came first..the chicken or the egg?

As far as I am concerned, I am not going to let suicidal thoughts in my head because Agfa Brovira or Panatomic X are no longer available, or constantly debate in my head whether I should ever use a digital camera or not. Okay, we've established that film (may be) superior for archival purposes, but right now, I am more concerned with finding something compelling to photograph, (mostly with film and sometimes digital) making a good print, exhibiting, finding buyers and have lots of fun in the process. Life's way too short to be miserable and whine about trivial stuff.