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I've been shooting film since 1977 and digital since the late 90's. I still shoot both, and exhibit & sell work from both. I used to be a subscriber to Apug.. enjoyed the community. I still read posts, and find the information incredibly useful. I also frequent most other forums, and Film bashing, for the most part, disappeared long ago (ok.. there may still be some in dpreview, but i'd swear that forum is inhabited entirely by 14 year old boys with personality disorders.. ).

I've never once felt my film work belittled by anyone in the digital realm...ever. This was the only place I ever felt that, because of a choice of capture, my work was, frankly, garbage (and in most cases, without ever having it seen to be judged). If respect is expected.. it has to be a two way street. Paul.. your comment could be equally appropriate if you substitute film for digital (that's not to imply that you don't respect work for works sake.. )

There are probably more photographers that shoot both film and digital, than just film. There's a lot of experience that gets lost once someone decides that their digital work might have artistic merit, and that work, and the photographer, become marginalized here.
Well, this is APUG after all and it is to be expected. Many esteemed contributors to this community have been lost over the years exactly because of that. Yes, it is the Analog Photography User Group, but there is a difference between enjoying the look of film, extolling its virtues, longing for the past, etc, and dealing with absolutes and constant comparisons which invariably lead to useless confrontations (film is better/digital is garbage arguments), every time a thread like this appears. Having said that, usually those fruitless arguments come from those who have absolutely nothing to show for it (and I mean no compelling work to speak of). A lot of those same people would benefit from a gigantic piece of humble pie while learning how to walk the talk. Sounds blunt but that's how I see it.