I am kind of doing a survey a "Show Of Hands" so to speak about those who would like an instant film holder like a Polaroid 405 for their Graflex, Linhof and other rangefinder 3 1/4" X 4 1/4" format cameras, even the few models of view cameras in that format.

I am going to post a "WillItFit" tutuorial guide to take away the mysteries of whether or not this new type of holder will work on your particular camera.

I am hoping to produce just one version that will fit a lot of cameras without one needing to cut or modify the holder or the camera but may also produce ones for certain rare cameras as well.

This new type of instant film holder for the Fuji Pack films I am going to call the Polaroid 304 holder.

Research is under way and drawings being made for my machinist to produce a proper interface plate to be fitted to the Polaroid CB-103 holder.

If interested, I need photos of your particular 3x4 format camera's rear opening plate with the ground glass spring back removed.

At this time the new Polaroid 304 film holder does not look like it will be "Graflockable", will need to be slipped under the spring back or other method of holding it in place.

Would like to get $175 each for these backs if indeed I see enough interest in this new product idea.