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Not sure if that is in response to my post, but yes, I certainly did get your point. It's the constant reminders, the whining, complaining, and yes, even comparing. Time to let it go already. It is what it is.
Not you, Max. Yours is the example I wish many of the others could take. You seem to quietly and effectively use the tools that simply give you the results seek. Then you positively participate in the community by often sharing those results in the galleries. And pass along helpful comments to others in those same galleries, or in other threads.

What you don't do is constantly beat others over the head with your perceived superiority of the tools you chose. Regardless of which side those tools evolved from. Or incessantly point out what has happened in the film-based marketplace over the last decade, as if the rest of us hadn't already seen it for ourselves. Or worse, saw it but didn't—or couldn't—understand it. Sheesh.

No, the ones I'm referring to are the ones who are here, and welcomed, but who never post any photographs, never participate in any of the print exchanges, never contribute to the analog side of discussions, don't occasionally stop by to welcome a newcomer, never share when they have found a neat film camera or darkroom trick, don't offer their assistance to other members, or do much of anything else.

All they seem to want to do is to remind us, again and again and again, directly or indirectly, how backward we really are. They're open-minded about it, of course, and so can accept our backwardness with grace. But they just want to make certain we know, that they know, that we have been left behind technologically. And as well, by inference, that they have not.

Trust me. I have not been left behind technologically. Nor have you. Nor have most of the others here. But it does get frustrating and tiresome hearing over and over and over again about how we, in fact, have been.

Does it ever occur to these individuals to just use whatever technology they want to use, then let the others choose to use what they want to use, then respect the charter here and politely limit the discussions of those choices as appropriate?

Sometimes I do wonder if concentrating so much film-based expertise in one place was such a good idea. Often it seems that in doing so all that has been accomplished was to provide a target-rich environment. People with nothing better to do can then join up just to amuse themselves by shooting the fish in the barrel.

And I say again, you guys know who you are...