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I also frequent most other forums, and Film bashing, for the most part, disappeared long ago (ok.. there may still be some in dpreview, but i'd swear that forum is inhabited entirely by 14 year old boys with personality disorders.. ).
Funny thing there: when I search for information about film-related topics, I sometimes find threads on DPR that are actively, and *positively*, discussing film and film equipment. That came as something of a shock the first time it happened.

I'm thinking more about mainstream and tech site articles which happen to discuss film, or the industry, and invariably some wise-ass will make a remark. When Kodak announced bankruptcy, there were a great many "oh, now film is dead" comments. Now I suspect those to be ignorance rather than malice. People who don't understand bankruptcy and who honestly believe that Kodak make all film. I truly believe the worst of the "film drools digital rules" crowd have moved on.

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I've never once felt my film work belittled by anyone in the digital realm...ever. This was the only place I ever felt that, because of a choice of capture, my work was, frankly, garbage (and in most cases, without ever having it seen to be judged). If respect is expected.. it has to be a two way street. Paul.. your comment could be equally appropriate if you substitute film for digital (that's not to imply that you don't respect work for works sake.. )
Yes, I respect work for what it is and not how it came to be; like I said, "respect in kind". I agree it absolutely MUST be a 2-way street. Others apparently don't, you could indeed turn my statement around to represent film shooters who disregard all digital just because it's digital, not only would it ring true, but it would describe some of the comments preceding it in this very thread.