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Pan F+ is wel een van de films met de slechtste latente beeld stabilisatie. De film heeft ook een relatief hoge basissluier zelfs als de film vers is. Maar dat even ter zijde.
Vandaag werd op APUG door ILFORD/HARMAN een verklaring afgegeven, als reactie op een thread over een kwaliteitsprobleem met PanF+.

"I have read the thread.

Firstly PAN F + has no issues or QC's outstanding anywhere in the world, latent image stability is a progressive phenomenon, please see our full TI sheet on PAN F+ and if you kept it in camera for three months after exposure this process would have started ( as it would with ALL films ) but for the image to completely disappear....no, not at all, nothing anywhere near it.. so my conclusion is some other issue is affecting this 'process'.

You can send the film to us for examination if you wish, we are very happy to look at it.

Firstly, it would be good to know the batch number then I can identify the date the film was made, I am presuming the film was 'in date'?

Edge signing : Edge signing is done when the film is being cassetted, depending on which finishing route was used ( we have several ) the signing can be dome electronically or optically ( rare ) and some variation in density can occur, but its minimal. 120 is done optically.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited".