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I've been shooting for about a year digitally, 9 months analog. I plan on going to college for photography (I'm currently a senior in high school) and since I don't have a photo class in real life right now I decided I should have at least some community to discuss photography with. I use a Nikon f2 mostly, but I also have a yashica-mat, a Soviet rf and a few toy cameras. I want to try large format someday, but for now 35mm and 120 work fine. I mostly use b/w and home develop but I don't have room for an enlarger setup in my cramped house so I usually just scan and archive my negatives. I shoot street a lot, it's more accessible for me than most other types of photography and NYC is a constant source of great subjects.

Nice to meet you...I was born and raised in NYC myself (22 year old recent BFA graduate)...best thing to do is just shoot shoot shoot. There's nothing wrong with scanning your negatives (regardless of what anyone else may say) and it will teach you to have an eye not only for a good negative, but also how to handle a file in the digital workspace effectively. Also (you probably know this already being an NYC kid) go to museums constantly, it will serve you well.

Do you have a tumblr or anything like that?