Some thoughts:

William: fab colour print, of the building I walk past every day en route to work, and the soon-to-be very much altered 'Celtic Club'. I know you 'say' colour prints are easy, but I am still in awe. The light filtering through the leaf detail on the left of the print is ace. The sluice gate print is full of energy, and the composition unsettling (which way up does it go?).

Bob: I love grain elevators, and there are heaps of them in the Victorian mallee region (mostly concrete, but kind of epic too). As an LF stickler for extreme rectilinearness (is that even a word?), the jaunty angle of the building is confronting to me, but it works (damn you!!) somehow really well in the composition. I just don't understand :-)

Steve: that's a great print, and the presentation really suits it. I felt like I'd just opened the page of an interesting book or magazine article - the misted window hides a story of some kind. It's just full of life.

Yannick: Ha! I recognise that bamboo forest (I think I did an LF print of that for a previous round) - that stuff is like photographically magnetic. I went for a 'wall of trees', so I like how you've found a completely different sense of the forest, and pointed UP! The ice print is great abstraction, and the textures of each icicle are so different (and so well framed). The contrast in each is beaut.

Ashley: Again with the amazing colour. It's just beautiful and makes me want to throw my inkjet printer into a skip. You have done a great thing with Ektar there, a great thing.

Toan: Is this the most colour we've had in a print exchange? That really IS like Mars, and yet a bit 'yellow brick road-ish' at the same time. For a lab print and small format, the subtle bits of colour in the ash and on the hill are an affirmation of film technology.

Len: Beautiful, art magazine print. I'm a wet print fellow, but I respect awesome craft when I see it. The composition is grand, and the sharpness... owwh!

Michael: Loved these pocket treasures - like mad postcards with a deeper story embedded when you look further, especially the weird glass negative portrait - there's an experiment that paid off!

Andrew K: The fed square print makes me feel a bit bad for hatin' Lomo (not always, but often). You've made a great print with 'rubbish' and pointing the camera into the sun even! Respect. The notion of a 6x12 SLR is crazy as well (as shown by some well composed rocks). Great stuff.

Andrew C: Lith prints are a bit of a revelation to me in recent times - This is beaut and makes a simple botanical detail into something epic. And in caffenol no less. Inspirational!

Thanks Michael & Yannick for your nice comments too! How sharp is that Nikon 135mm f/5.6 lens hey? With that and TXP320 I've had some great successes...

Once again - hooray for the lot of us (esp. Andrew C for doing the organising), and I've learnt heaps!!