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I've been following this thread and must say that I've run into a similar problem with the Thomas Duplex and Ilford Warmtone paper using Rosco 19 Fire & even adding some layers of a Rosco Red. MGIV is fine, just the WT (FB in my case). I also have two of the Kodak "beehive" style lamps with Kodak OC filters & 15w bulbs - this setup is clean up to 20 minutes - I got bored after that. I wasn't ready to use the WT paper & with the OC filters that's about as far as I went.

Keep up the good work.
Maybe there's something different in the emulsion, perchance? I'm not using a warm tone paper but from what I can tell, Oriental VCFB is pretty sensitive to green...so maybe you're in the same situation as me.

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Another follow-up. I conducted the test again with Ilford MGWT, but with the vanes fully closed. As before, I am using the yellow tape filter in the bottom, which contains 3407 and 3406 Rosco filters, and a red tape filter in the vanes containing a sheet of #19 Fire.

No fogging after 7 minutes. With the vanes open I had fogging at the 3 minute mark.

I extended the test to 3, 9, and 21 minutes, 3x the original test. Vanes still fully closed.

No fogging at all.
Okay, well that partially explains the confusion I had on how the 3406 and 3407 filters were blocking the correct wavelengths; somehow, I missed you having a 19 filter in the vanes. That makes more sense, now; it sort of makes me even more confused about the WT paper, but right now I'll accept partial confusion as a form of progress.

I'm going to try a longer test tonight and see where I get.