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So tell me they changed in the last year? I'll have to check this out.
As for rem-jet though, it also served as an antistaic layer in the cameras.
I was referring to Eastman Colour Print 3383/2383 as I recall. It does have a process survivable antistaic layer that gives the back of the film a bit of an iridescent sheen.

"2383/3383 Film is coated on a new ESTAR base featuring proprietary Kodak technology that replaces rem-jet with a process-surviving, anti-static layer, and scratch-resistant backing layer. This film has an efficient antihalation layer under the emulsion layers, using patented solid particle dyes that are decolorized and removed during processing."

AFAIK ALL negative film uses a version of rem jet. The first Fuji Movie negative did not but they quickly fell in line.

As you indicated static is a problem, for example 16mm Movie film in 100ft rolls still comes on a metal spool, while Microfilm comes on an almost identical plastic spool.