Wandering Wombat, what are you trying to accomplish?

If you want to use the Rodagon as a wide angle lens on 2x3, give the idea up. It is made to cover somewhat less than 43 mm at infinity.

Inaccessible lens behind shutter is a recipe for frustration. There's nothing wrong with putting a lens behind the shutter, if the lens is in barrel and its diaphragm ring is accessible.

I've seen only one semi-clean solution to putting the lens behind the shutter and inside the camera; it was implemented for the Polaroid MP-4 system and has led some innocents to the mistaken conclusion that the Polaroid MP-4 shutter (so badged) has a diaphragm. It doesn't, but some have a device for operating the diaphragm of a barrel lens behind the shutter.

Its time for you to study the Alpa 12 and Alpa's further extensions of the 12 idea. Lovely camera, if much too expensive for most of us, and not as far from your idea as one might think.