Clearing out stuff I just don't use because, really, would you use this if you had a Leica sitting there?

OK, maybe you would, but I'm not using it. Time to clean out a bit and make the job of my heirs a titch easier.

This is a Fujica 35 SE, a nicely made rangefinder with a coupled meter, parallax-correcting rangefinder, shutter speeds up to 1000 of a second. I was noodling around the rangefinder forum web site and found several folks speaking highly of these. Apparently Fujica rangefinders are an undiscovered secret.

This one is worth discovering. All speeds on this sound good, the lens is clean and clear. There is one tiny depression on the top plate, very minor, no issues.

Problems: The 50-year old meter cell is unresponsive, so this is a "Sunny 16" camera, but you don't use meters much anyway, do you? Heck no.

Also, the rangefinder is out of alignment vertically -- so you can focus but look for straight up-down lines to focus on.

A manual for using this fine machine can be found here:

Camera comes with a somewhat battered neverready camera case.


One on "that" auction site is $40 and it has lens issues ("needs repair") and the usual shipping charges. I'll sell you this one with a perfectly fine lens AND shutter for $40 and, if you live in the US, not charge you shipping. I like you THAT much.

Such a deal!

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