Beseler 45 V-xl w/ 45c unit b/w head ,controller and foot switch
nikkor 50mm and 80mm enlarger lens
Schnider componon-s 80mm and 150mm lens
beseler lens boards (x4)
Beseler 4x5 negaflat holder
Beseler 35mm,120,229, and3 1/4x 4 1/4 neg holders
Speed easels (20x24,16x20,16x16,11x14,8x10,5x7(x2),4x5)
8x10 contact printer
Bestwell grain focuser
11x14 Yankee development trays (x6)
Print tongs (x3)
Graylab wall timer
Prinz b/w thermometer
Jobo color thermometer
Kodak darkroom data guides (x2)
Print squeegee
Delta 1 1gal chemical jugs (x5)
mixing beakers (x5)
funnels (x4)
Misc chemicals

$600 must pick up in Phoenix,Az